Understanding the Average Cost to Hire a PHP Developer: A Comprehensive Guide


Choosing to invest in PHP technology for your business website is a strategic decision and also one you will never gonna regret. And when you hire a PHP developer or a PHP development company, you are technically investing in their expertise and one of the most powerful scripting languages in the web world. However, when it comes to making such a huge investment, the first thing every business should consider is the cost.

Similarly, not just PHP but whatever technology you choose, the same considerations apply. In any case, understanding the cost structure is quite essential. But one thing is clear – the cost to hire PHP developer contributes greatly to the entire development cost. Therefore, estimating the PHP developer’s cost is crucial to set up a realistic budget for the project.

However, the developer’s hiring rates aren’t the same everywhere; they vary depending on several factors, including their experience, geo-locations, and the project’s complexity. If you’re also planning for a PHP development, consider this guide as your go-to source to estimate the average cost to hire PHP developer. So, let’s get started with this cost guide!

Decoding the Cost to Hire PHP Developer for Your Next Project

As said earlier, the cost to hire a PHP developer greatly depends on several factors. So, let’s talk about those factors and break down the cost based on them.

Developer’s Location

The location of your PHP developer or development team impacts the entire cost of your project greatly. When we compare the hourly rates of PHP developers based in different locations of the world, here’s what we got –

Western countries like North America and the European region often charge the highest hourly rates due to the developers’ high demand and higher cost of living in these locations.

At the same time, Countries from Asian regions, Africa, and Eastern Europe tend to have low hourly rates. These regions offer affordable yet skilled PHP development services.

While planning a budget for your PHP development project, consider regional cost differences to make realistic decisions. At the same time, cost should not be the only determining factor in hiring developers. You can also consider assessing the developer’s expertise, experience, quality, and project management skills.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost to hire PHP developer based on location:


Region Average Hourly Rates
North America $30 – $75
South America $15 – $35
Western Europe $30 – $70
Eastern Europe $20 – $50
Australia $25 – $65
Asia $10 – $40
Africa $10 – $30

Developer’s Technical Knowledge and Skills

A PHP developer salary depends greatly on their experience and technical know-how. Meanwhile, various PHP frameworks have different levels of demand and difficulty, which affect the hourly rates of developers who are skilled in them.

Let’s take a look at the hourly rates for developers who are proficient in different PHP frameworks in 2023: Developers who are adept at Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon, and Laminas can charge higher hourly rates than others. These frameworks are more challenging and require more expertise to use them well.

Conversely, frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii, and FuelPHP have lower hourly rates. It’s important to mention that developers who can work with both PHP and a JavaScript framework like Angular have an advantage over others due to their wider skill set.

However, other factors such as the developer’s experience, the project’s complexity, and the geographical location can also influence the hourly rates significantly.

Breakdown of PHP Developer salary based on their technical knowledge:


PHP Development Framework Average Hourly Rates
Laravel $40 – $80
CodeIgniter $30 – $60
Phalcon $40 – $75
CakePHP $35 – $70
Symfony $40 – $80
Yii $30 – $60
FuelPHP $30 – $65
Angular $45 – $90
Drupal $40 – $80
Laminas $40 – $85

Developer’s Experience & Expertise

The expertise of your PHP development partner has had a significant impact on the project’s overall cost. Additionally, your developer’s specialization in different programming languages can affect their hourly rates. These include the language’s complexity, market demand, and the developer’s skill level.

This guide gives you an overview of the average hourly rates for developers who work with different programming languages. Some of the programming languages that have higher hourly rates are Clojure, Go, Elixir, and Swift. These languages are either very complex, have specific use cases, or are in high demand in the market.

On the other hand, some of the programming languages that have lower hourly rates are Python, SQL, or HTML/CSS. These languages are either very common or relatively easy to learn.

This guide gives you a general idea of the average hourly rates, but keep in mind that these rates may change depending on the situation.

Breakdown of PHP Developer’s salary based on their expertise in programming languages:


Programming Language Average Hourly Rates
Clojure $50 – $100
F# $40 – $85
Elixir $40 – $90
Ruby $40 – $85
Go $40 – $90
Python $30 – $75
Swift $40 – $90
C# $35 – $80
SQL $30 – $75
Node.js $35 – $80
JavaScript $35 – $85
HTML / CSS $25 – $90

Top Paying PHP Job Roles

The different job titles within PHP development demand varying average hourly rates based on skills and responsibilities. The highest-paid PHP role is a PHP Architect, who designs and builds complex PHP applications and earns an average of $96.15 per hour.

Next is a Lead PHP Developer, who leads a team of developers and manages project delivery, with an average hourly rate of $69.50.

Some PHP developers who specialize in MySQL can earn an average of $66.11 per hour for their expertise. Lastly, Senior PHP Developers, who have a lot of experience and handle more challenging aspects of projects, charge an average of $63.17 per hour.

These rates show how different PHP development roles can offer more opportunities and higher pay as one gains more experience and responsibility.


PHP Architect Salary $96.15/per hour
Lead PHP Developer $69.50/per hour
MySQL Developer Salary $66.11/per hour
Senior PHP Developer Salary $63.17/per hour

Top 3 Affordable Yet Skilled PHP Development Companies 

So, you are here which means you are probably looking for the top PHP development companies but under your budget. Don’t worry! We will help you out! Below, we have listed a few top PHP development companies that offer quality services at cost-effective prices.

Mtoag Technologies

Mtoag Technologies is a leading PHP development company that aims to provide equal access to technology for everyone. The company follows the principle of ‘customers come first’ and works hard to deliver high-quality solutions in every project.

Mtoag Technologies specializes in PHP development services for creating various mobile and web applications. It has a team of developers with over 13+ years of experience and has received positive feedback from clients such as Signature Kitchen, Nippon Paints, and SimplyX. The company also offers a risk-free trial to hire PHP developers for different needs.

  • Years of experience: 13+
  • Location: India, United States, United Kingdom
  • Industries catered: Education, retail, healthcare, entertainment, lifestyle, manufacturing, eCommerce, and eLearning
  • Pricing/hourly rate: $25-$49 per hour
  • Services offered: Custom PHP web development, PHP API development and integrations, open source customization, full-stack PHP development, PHP web app upgradation and migration services, PHP dynamic web application development, and PHP website maintenance and support.

TeraVision Technologies

TeraVision provides fast and customized technology solutions with highly skilled professionals. It has a strict selection process and offers top-notch talent across various sectors. Some of its best clients include startups and Fortune 500 companies and the firm boosts revenue growth by using AWS cloud services.

  • Years of experience: 15
  • Location: Venezuela, Colombia, US
  • Industries catered: Software and networking, finance, healthcare, and education
  • Pricing/hourly rate: $46 per hour
  • Services offered: Web development, front-end and back-end development, Mobile app development, UX/UI specialists, project rescue, business analysts and product owners, DevOps, QA specialists

Sphinx Solutions

Sphinx Solutions is a trusted global digital partner and a renowned PHP development company with ISO 9001:2019 and CMMI Level 3 certifications that uphold customer satisfaction and quality standards for projects at the highest level.

The company has delivered over 1000+ successful apps on various app stores and 50+ e-commerce platforms and has worked with prestigious clients like Daiichi Sankyo, Disney, and Nissan.

  • Years of experience: 20
  • Location: Mumbai and the United States
  • Industries catered: Healthcare, retail, security, travel, government, entertainment, and utilities
  • Pricing/hourly rate: $25-$120 per hour
  • Services offered: Custom software development, Blockchain app development, business intelligence, e-commerce solutions, robotic process automation, and mobile app development


Hiring a PHP developer requires you to find the right balance between the skill level you need and your budget. There are various factors that affect the hourly rate, such as experience and location, as well as project complexity.

By understanding these factors, you will be able to plan your budget more efficiently and have realistic expectations for your PHP development projects. So now that you have the average cost to hire a PHP developer, go ahead and hire one of the above-listed top PHP development companies for your next project.

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