Understanding the Average Cost to Hire a PHP Developer: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing to invest in PHP technology for your business website is a strategic decision and also one you will never gonna regret. And when you hire a PHP developer or a PHP development company, you are technically investing in their expertise and one of the most powerful scripting languages in the web world. However, when it comes to making such a huge investment, the first thing every business should consider is the cost. Similarly, not just PHP but whatever technology you choose, the same considerations apply. In any case, understanding…

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PHP 8 Attributes, Match Expression, Improvements, and Other Features You Should Know

PHP 8 has been a major upgrade to PHP technology in recent years. This release brings developers performance enhancements — due to the new JIT Compiler. As a developer, you will also appreciate useful PHP 8 attributes, new operators and types, match expressions, and many more. In this blog, we will teach you what you need to learn about the new features of PHP8 and we will clarify it in depth. Let’s review it now: the main new features in PHP 8, why you should update as soon as you…

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